'Felicity' Star Takes on 'Strangers'


As "Underworld's" vampire-lycan hybrid, Scott Speedman easily threw his weight around, but in his latest project, he'll be vulnerable and under attack in his own home.

The Canadian actor will star opposite Liv Tyler in the suspense thriller "Strangers," written by first-time feature director Bryan Bertino.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Speedman and Tyler play a couple who are living out in a remote house when they are attacked by three mysterious masked strangers. This is not a usual break-in considering that one of the strangers is played by the otherworldly Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. The couple will have to be wily and tenacious in order to overcome their assailants.

Rogue Pictures will release the film, which began production Monday (Oct. 9) in South Carolina.

Speedman's resume includes the "Underworld" films, "Duets," "My Life Without Me" and "XXX 2: The Next Level." He's best known for his role as Ben Covington, the rascal whom Keri Russell followed to college on the WB's "Felicity."

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