Sabrina Bryan Confirms 'Dancing With the Stars' Romance

If viewers thought "Dancing With the Stars" ejectee Sabrina Bryan and her partner Mark Ballas were unusually affectionate, even for dance partners, well, the viewers were right.

The Cheetah Girl revealed in an interview with that their chemistry has extended beyond the dancefloor.

"We're going out tomorrow," says Bryan, said on Saturday, Nov. 3. "[Mark]'s taking me out for a surprise this weekend and he won't tell me what it is. He's joking that it's our first date because we've always hung out, millions of times, millions of dinners. But this is different."

Bryan insists, however, that they weren't really a couple during the show, even though all the signs were pointing in that direction.

"We've been so focused on the competition," says Bryan. "But now that that has died down, we'll see where it goes. We haven't had a chance to do any of that [dating] or even talk about it. We didn't even realize that people would think that about us until they started asking us. Because you get so close to someone, you get so comfortable, that you don't even see it."

The most telling sign of their affection was on the show when Bryan called Ballas "Baby" on the air.

"I always call him 'Baby Marky,'" she admits. "I absolutely love and adore him."

In a shocking results show, Bryan and Ballas were eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars" on Tuesday, Oct. 30, amidst disbelief from the judges and fans.

A previous "Dancing With the Stars" pair, Mario Lopez and partner Karina Smirnoff, also found romance on the show. They moved in together this past spring.

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