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Pilots: Mae Whitman Exhibits 'Good Behavior'


A pair of actors, including "Arrested Development" alum Mae Whitman, have signed on to Rob Thomas' ABC pilot "Good Behavior."

Mae Whitman and Patrick Adams will play two offspring of a criminal family that's trying to go straight. Elsewhere, NBC has cast Allison Miller as the female lead in its midseason drama "Kings," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Good Behavior" is an adaptation of a New Zealand series called "Outrageous Fortune." At its center is the mother of a family of criminals, who decides to take the family down the straight and narrow path after her husband is jailed.

Whitman, whose credits also include FX's "Thief" and appearances on "Grey's Anatomy" and "In Treatment," will play the family's teenage daughter, who's extorting her principal and running a hall-pass scam at her school.

Adams will play a dual role as identical twins, one an up-and-coming lawyer and the other a layabout whose schemes never get very far. His credits include guest spots on "Friday Night Lights" and "Lost."

At NBC, Miller will play the daughter of Ian McShane's King Silas in "Kings," a modern-day take on the biblical story of David. Her character, Michelle, falls in love with David (Christopher Egan). Miller has appeared on "CSI: NY" and "Desperate Housewives."

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