Emily Rose, 'John from Cincinnati' and 'Brothers & Sisters'

Emily Rose "John from Cincinnati," HBO, and "Brothers & Sisters," ABC You know her as: Luke Perry's assistant on "John from Cincinnati" and Tommy's office affair on "Brothers & Sisters" Why we like her: Safe to say 2007 has been a pretty good year for Emily Rose. Fresh from earning her master's degree in acting from UCLA, Rose landed major arcs on not one, but two high-profile TV shows. And she was pretty darn good in both: HBO's "John from Cincinnati" may have been inscrutable, but Rose had a vitality that cut through all the metaphysical hugger-mugger. On ABC's "Brothers & Sisters," she's playing the Other Woman, and while her character isn't exactly one viewers sympathize with, the way Rose plays Lena's veiled motives have made for some compelling television. Where else you've seen her: Unless you live overseas and caught episode four of "Smith," you probably haven't. Which makes her rise all the more impressive.
Emily Rose on 'John From Cincinnati.' Photo courtesy of HBO. Text by Rick Porter.
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