'Little Britian USA'

Little Britain USA HBO Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 28 Airs: Sundays Stars: Matt Lucas, David Walliams What's It All About? The character-based sketch comedy show from the BBC gets a stateside treatment as writers and stars Lucas and Walliams do six all-new episodes filmed in America. HBO viewers will see popular characters from the British series (like rude weight-loss coach Marjorie Dawes and teenage brat Vicky Pollard), as well as new all-American characters (like Madonna's gay personal assistant and a North Carolina sheriff sexually obsessed with guns). There also will be a few American guest stars, such as Rosie O'Donnell and Paul Rudd. But since comedy is universal, Lucas and Walliams didn't feel the need to make huge changes to Americanize their series. "I think wherever you are in the world, unfunny is unfunny," Lucas says. "We talked about American comedy being cooler and in Britain being a bit sadder." Walliams adds, "I think we make ourselves maybe stupid in Britain a little bit more rather than being cool, but also we're not afraid to dress as women as well, which is a little bit rarer in American comedy." And while on that subject, why exactly is there so much more cross-dressing in British comedy? "Oh, it's fun. It's relaxing," Walliams explains. "Well, actually because we do it on TV, we don't really feel the need to do it in real life anymore."
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