Marisa Tomei Tops Best Nude Scenes of 2007

Marisa Tomei, 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead'
Marisa Tomei, 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead'
Sure it was her comedic timing that won Marisa Tomei her Oscar 15 years ago, but it's her casual, topless talents that won Mr. Skin's highest commendation for 2007.

The year's films made skinematic history as Mr. Skin, as featured in "Knocked Up," was presented with such a wealth of nakedness on the silver screen, he had to compile his Top 20 list of films in which talented actresses took it off.

"2007 was a surprisingly strong year for big-screen nudity," noted Mr. Skin from his Chicago headquarters. "In fact, you could say it ranks among this decade's very breast!"

Topping the list was Tomei in Sidney Lumet's crime drama "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead." In the film, she's seen opening the movie with some nudity topside and later similarly displays herself to advantage after an illicit tryst. Oh yeah, and Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman also star in the heist movie.

Not one to be labeled an anglophobic philistine, Mr. Skin traveled across the pond to celebrate British beauty Keeley Hazell in the art house flick "Cashback." The former Page 3 girl gets her assets unveiled in the film when a supermarket clerk takes advantage of his newfound ability to freeze time.

The remainder of the Top 20 are as follows:

  • 3. Natalie Portman in "Hotel Chevalier" - The acclaimed actress gets cheeky when she drops her drawers for this short film that's a companion piece to "The Darjeeling Limited."
  • 4. Christina Ricci in "Black Snake Moan" - Her skimpy top can't contain her talent in this Southern gothic potboiler, even if she is chained to a radiator.
  • 5. Sienna Miller in "Factory Girl" - Twenty-one minutes into the film about Andy Warhol's muse, Miller soaks naked in a tub.
  • 6. Roselyn Sanchez in "Yellow" -The actress' character just wants to be a Broadway dancer, but of course, must strip in order to get there.
  • 7. Malin Ackerman in "The Heartbreak Kid" - An acrobatic sex act opposite Ben Stiller allows this actress to show off more than just her flexibility.
  • 8. Eva Mendes in "We Own the Night" - Very early into the film, the starlet shows one reason why she deserves to be on this list. Yep, just one, but it's a compelling one.
  • 9. Lena Headey in "300" - Sure, the men got to show off their abs, but Headey shows she's no slouch in the skin department during a poetic love scene.
  • 10. Stormy Daniels and Nautica Thorne in "Knocked Up" -Lapdancers in Vegas give the main character and his pal an eyeful up close and personal.
  • 11. Alexa Davalos in "Feast of Love" - Selma Blair and Radha Mitchell also get naked, but it's Davalos' full frontal that makes her stand out.
  • 12. Chelan Simmons in "Good Luck Chuck" - Seven different women take off their tops for the camera, including the "Kyle XY" cutie.
  • 13. Wei Tang in "Lust, Caution" - This Ang Lee follow-up to "Brokeback Mountain" takes a while to build up, and then watch out. The Chinese starlet engages in lots and lots of sex to take down a political figure, and her dedication is on display fully from the front and back.
  • 14. Ashley Judd in "Bug" - Mental illness, gasoline and frontal and dorsal nudity.
  • 15. Olivia Wilde in "Alpha Dog" - Three other actresses show skin, including Amanda Seyfried ("Mean Girls") for a skinny-dipping adventure, but Wilde got the mention for her motel tryst.
  • 16. Ana Claudia Talancon in "Alone With Her" - A peeping Tom's use of high-tech spying gadgetry pays off many, many times, including once with a steamy shower.
  • 17. Danielle Harris in "Halloween" - More skin than the original.
  • 18. Heather Matarazzo in "Hostel: Part II" -If you like your nudity disturbing, bloody and hung upside down, this is the movie for you.
  • 19. Amber Valetta in "The Last Time" -This supermodel isn't wearing haute couture or doing runway.
  • 20. Lucy Liu in "Blood Hunter" -Nudity in a vampire flick? Bloody likely! Cameron Richardson and Samaire Armstrong take it off, but it's Liu's topless turn in a lesbian tussle with Carla Gugino.

    Mr. Skin and his team of "skinvestigators" view all non-adult titles for their nudity content and rates them on their "skintensity."
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