'Brothers & Sisters' Adds a Little 'Sex'


Jason Lewis, Samantha's one-time man-candy on "Sex and the City," is bringing his chiseled jaw and high cheekbones to ABC.

Lewis will have a recurring part on the network's first-year drama "Brothers & Sisters" later in the season. For those keeping score, he joins Treat Williams ("Everwood") and Rob Lowe ("The West Wing") in the special-guest-star category on the series.

His first appearance will come in an episode called "Sexual Politics," which hasn't been scheduled yet. ABC says he'll be playing a character named Chad Barry, a "potential love interest" for Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys). What that means for Kevin's current love interest, Scotty (recurring guest star Luke MacFarlane), remains to be seen.

Lewis, a former model, burst into on-screen prominence on HBO's "Sex and the City" playing Smith Jerrod, Samantha's (Kim Cattrall) boyfriend. He's since had a recurring part on "Charmed" and appeared in "The Jacket" and the Lifetime movie "For One Night." He has several movie projects in the pipeline, including the Kevin Costner-William Hurt thriller "Mr. Brooks" that's due for release next spring.

"Brothers & Sisters" will air one more original episode on Sunday before going on a break for the holiday season.

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