Dan Rather Defines New Job


Dan Rather isn't done with the news business yet.

The long-time CBS anchor, who left that network's evening news last year and last month left the Eye for good, has signed on to anchor a weekly news program on high-definition service HDNet. The show, "Dan Rather Reports," is scheduled to premiere in October.

The one-hour program will feature a mix of investigative pieces, interviews and field reporting, and HDNet notes that it will be "completely uncensored."

"We're thrilled that Dan is now part of HDNet," says Mark Cuban, the network's co-founder. "Now that he is finally released from the ratings-driven and limited-depth confines of broadcast television, I am excited about the impact Dan can have on the future of news."

Rather, too, sounds excited to embark on his new gig. "Hard news needs backers who won't back down. Mark Cuban is such a leader," he says. "As a team player I intend to give Mark and HDNet all of the hard work, loyalty and fearless, high quality reporting possible."

The 74-year-old Rather stepped down as anchor of the "CBS Evening News" in March 2005, six months after a story about President Bush's National Guard service that was based on faked documents unraveled. Since then he's been an occasional contributor to "60 Minutes."

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