From an unseasonably warm Thursday high of 72 degrees to snow expected Saturday, the weather in this area can be quite mercurial.

As Foot's Forecast executive director Keith Krichinsky said: “Welcome to Maryland.”


“This is typical of the changing weather here,” Krichinsky said Friday morning. “Right now it’s really nice temperature-wise, but a front is going to move through the area and drop temperatures into the 40s by this evening.”

The National Weather Service predicted a precipitous drop from the mid-50s on Friday afternoon to a low of 25 on Saturday morning.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Paul Walker said the change was due to a shot of colder air coming down from the Great Lakes and an area of moisture moving east from the Tennessee Valley. He expected those conditions to create a snowstorm late Saturday afternoon. He said the flakes could continue until 1 a.m. Sunday.

“Since the ground has warmed up a little, we’re expecting two to four inches,” Walker said.

Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration spokesman Charlie Gischlar recommended drivers not be overconfident.

“Drive in accordance with the conditions,” he said. “If it starts as rain, we can’t pre-treat. If it changes and it starts as snow, we’ll pre-treat as much as we can. We’ll be scouting for any icy patches and treating accordingly.”

Walker said that after the storm, milder temperatures are expected. He predicts a high of 47 for Sunday. He then expects a high in the mid-70s on Tuesday.

Krichinsky said to remember that winter is not over.

“There are four more weeks of winter left,” he said, “and who knows what could happen in that time.”