What forecasters are saying about snow chances Sunday, Monday

Meteorologists remain mixed on their predictions for a potentially icy and snowy storm Sunday and Monday, but expect forecasts to clear up as the system begins to move across the Northwest on Friday.

Here is what forecasters are saying:

  • The National Weather Service's Baltimore/Washington forecast office suggest the March saying of "in like a lion" may be appropriate this year, though they aren't offering confidence in what type of precipitation might fall. Models are suggesting a low pressure system tracking over southern Virginia could bring bands of significant snowfall to northern Maryland, with sleet also possible, according to a forecast discussion.
  •'s Henry Margusity is calling for a "Big Daddy Snowstorm", though mainly for central Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and southern New England. Margusity's forecast map keeps most of Maryland in the zone of 1-3 inches, with 3-6 inches possible along the Mason-Dixon Line.
  • Former local TV meteorogist Justin Berk isn't suggesting any expected accumulations yet because of chances of rain, freezing rain and sleet mixing in with snow. Berk calls for rain starting Sunday afternoon, turning to sleet and freezing rain overnight, and then snow Monday. He also looks ahead to possible heavy snow a week away, mostly Thursday.
  • WMAR-TV's Mike Masco suggests two possible tracks of the storm -- one in which as much as 6 inches or more falls across Central Maryland and to the north, with more ice and rain and smaller snow accumulations to the south and mostly rain across the Eastern Shore, and a second keeping cold air further north and putting about 3 inches of snow along with a mix of sleet and rain across Central Maryland.
  • Local meteorologist "Eric the Red" says more recent model runs show rain as more likely, and is waiting for models to stop flipping before making any firm calls.
  • Foot's Forecast foresees three possible scenarios -- one in which snow stays to the north, bringing just rain to Maryland, and then two more likely scenarios bringing a wintry mix turning to snow to most of the region. The difference between the latter two is whether it's a mostly snow event for areas northwest of Baltimore, or whether mixed precipitation slips in.