Snowstorm disrupts USPS mail delivery into this week

Despite the old adage about the conditions in which U.S. Postal Service mail carriers will work, Thursday's snowstorm has disrupted delivery into this week.

USPS said in a press release posted to its website last week that some mail service in the Baltimore area would be temporarily suspended due to lingering patches of snow and ice that presented a hazard for mail carriers. On Wednesday, officials apologized for "any inconvenience" with mail delivery and said service had resumed in all areas.

"The icy road conditions from last week's snow storm presented a challenge to the entire region and we certainly felt its impact at the Postal Service," Freda Sauter, a USPS spokeswoman, said in an email. "The safety of our employees is a top priority for the Postal Service, but every attempt was made to deliver the mail where it was safe to do so."

Some residents have said they did not get mail several business days after the snowstorm.

Lois Hess, who lives in the Pavilion in the Park condominium building in Pikesville, said she never got mail between last Wednesday until the carrier finally arrived this Wednesday morning.

Hess, 86, said she called a local USPS manager a few times to complain, and was asked if she had "looked outside today." She said others in her building also called to complain.

"I don't get it, I think they just took a holiday," she said. "I think it was inexcusable."

USPS said those with complaints can call their local postmaster or 800-275-8777.

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