Wind topples tree onto moving cars in Baltimore City

A tree fell onto a car that was traveling through the streets of Baltimore early Friday, as a powerful wind storm began to impact the region.

Winds were to blame for a tree uprooting near the intersection of Walther Boulevard and Weaver Avenue, just northeast of Lake Montebello, Baltimore Fire officials said. The tree landed on a car at the intersection.


There were no serious injuries, according to a city fire spokesperson.

Crews were on the scene working to take apart the large tree, which caused major front-end damage to a white car pinned in the roadway.


Another vehicle appears to have struck the back of the white car.

Drivers stopped to stare at the massive stump and joggers rerouted their morning runs. Kevin Buchman smoked a cigarette while watching the crews saw through branches.

"It's pretty bad," he said.

Buchman, 56, is staying with his fiance down the block. He said he's moving his truck to a different street — he's getting worried that a pair of tall pine trees might be next to fall in the wind storm.

"Those might the next to come down," Buchman said.

State highway officials have placed wind warnings on bridges.

This story will be updated.

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