Maryland weather: Unexpectedly strong snow showers challenge Monday morning commute

Unexpectedly strong snow showers in the Baltimore area posed a challenge for Monday morning’s commute, meteorologists said.

According to the National Weather Service, a snow shower was heading south across central Maryland at about 7:24 a.m.


In some areas, snow coated the ground and reduced visibility as low as one mile.

“Be prepared for sudden changes in visibility when traveling along with snow covered and slippery surfaces,” read a special weather statement from the National Weather Service. “Interstates 95 and 97, and US 50 will be impacted, along with the Baltimore metro area and parts of the Washington metro area.”


Meteorologists expected some lingering snow showers Monday morning, but the strength of the snow bands came as a bit of a surprise, said Chesnea Skeen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The weather service hadn’t issued any winter weather advisories for the area Monday morning.

“It’s sort of like whenever you get a rain squall moving through. It’s very sudden, intense rainfall that reduces visibility,” she said.

The snow is likely to leave the area by late morning or early afternoon, she said.

Carroll County opted to close schools for the day. Several counties in Southern Maryland and Western Maryland were operating under two-hour delays, as were schools in the Hereford Zone of Baltimore County.

In a tweet, Baltimore County Public Schools warned that: “Due to unexpected snow showers currently moving through Baltimore County, buses may be late arriving to pick up students this morning.” Parents were advised to call 443-809-4321 for more information.