After a record-breaking October day, sweater weather is finally coming.

Temperatures in the Baltimore area reached 98 degrees Wednesday, setting a record for the hottest day ever recorded in October, the National Weather Service said. The previous record was set Oct. 5, 1941. Thursday is expected to return to typical fall weather, with a high near 70 degrees.


The NWS said Wednesday’s temperatures are 20-25 degrees warmer than it usually is this time of year. In recent memory, the last time it was this hot was back in 2007 during a three-day stretch when temperatures reached 94.

Baltimore County schools without air conditioning were closed Wednesday because of the heat.

BGE also said it activated its PeakRewards program due to a surging demanding for electricity. During the cycling, the company said customers who have opted into the program will have their air running for the set participation level. So, if someone is participating at 50%, their air conditioner will be off for half the time it would normally run. The program can also affect water heaters.

The program is enabled when “there is an immediate need to reduce demand to prevent potential brownouts and blackouts area-wide," BGE said in a statement.

Meteorologists said Thursday should bring cooler temperatures as a cold front begins to move through the area.

Tomorrow a high of 70 is expected, along with some isolated showers throughout the day. Friday will be mostly sunny with temperatures reaching 71.

Baltimore Sun reporter Talia Richman contributed to this article.