Maryland weather: Tropical Storm Ida to bring heavy rain to Western Maryland by midweek and storms throughout state

Tropical Storm Ida could bring up to 6 inches of rain to parts of Western and Northern Maryland by midweek and is expected to bring heavy rain throughout the state Wednesday and Thursday.

Connor Belak, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, said that the tropical storm is projected to bring between 4 to 6 inches of rainfall to Western Maryland, starting Wednesday and continuing into Thursday. He added that central Washington County and westward is projected to see the heaviest rainfall in the region.


Additionally, Belak said that counties along the Mason-Dixon Line in the northern part of the state — including Baltimore, Carroll and Harford counties — could also see up to 6 inches of rain once the front reaches the region.

A flash flood watch will be in effect for much of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning, based on the current forecast path of the storm.


The now tropical storm Ida started as a category 4 hurricane when it first made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, with gusts of wind up to 150 mph. However, since it made landfall, it has weakened to a tropical storm as it makes its way toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Belak said that while sustained wind speeds are only expected to be from 10 to 20 mph when the front reaches Maryland, with gusts up to 30 mph, it could cause some trees to uproot because the surrounding soil will be saturated from the sustained rainfall.

Air temperatures will also see a dip later in the week, as NWS is currently predicting highs around of 78 degrees for Wednesday as the region deals with the rainfall.

Martin said it’s likely, based on the current forecast, that the front will be gone by the end of Thursday. The forecast starting mid-Thursday afternoon and lasting through Sunday calls for sunny skies and temperatures in the low to mid-80s.

In anticipation of the heavy rainfall, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania will be closed on Wednesday, according to spokeswoman Quinn Bryner.