'Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up': Windstorm leads to unpleasant landing at Dulles Airport

The Baltimore Sun

A plane landing at Dulles International Airport outside D.C. on Friday didn’t exactly go down easy.

High winds caused a pretty bumpy descent, and “pretty much everyone on the plane threw up,” according to the National Weather Service’s official aircraft report.

It was rough on the pilots, too. They were “on the verge of throwing up,” the report said.

Add it to the list of problems caused by a windstorm that’s moving across the Eastern seaboard. In Maryland, winds of over 30 mph have caused fallen trees, toppled tractor trailers and more than 126,000 power outages.

The storm could last until Sunday, and gusts could reach 60-70 mph.

Baltimore Washington International Airport reported some flight cancellations due to weather.

As for the Dulles flight, we hope they handed out barf bags with the in-flight drink service.

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