Tropical Storm Nadine nearing hurricane strength, but coastlines safe

Tropical Storm Nadine has formed, and was quickly nearing hurricane status Wednesday. But named storms Michael and Leslie have also dissipated, and there appear to be no storms threatening land anytime soon.

Nadine was packing winds of about 45 mph Wednesday morning, but those winds strengthened to 65 mph by the afternoon, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane-strength winds of at least 74 mph are expected by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.


The storm was about 900 miles from the Lesser Antilles islands in the eastern Caribbean. It would be the eighth hurricane of the season, but it's expected to make a turn toward the north and then back east, never making landfall.

Remnants of Michael and Leslie are meanwhile passing through the north Atlantic.


Leslie wracked Newfoundland with sustained winds of 58 mph and gusts up to 82 mph, according to the Weather Underground. The system could next bring heavy rains to Iceland and then Scotland.

Michael, meanwhile, was the longest-lived hurricane of the season, with winds of at least 74 mph for about six days.

Mid-September is the tail end of what is typically the heart of the hurricane season, so a slowdown in tropical activity could be occurring. El Nino is expected to stymy storm development as well, expected to arrive this month bringing wind shear that makes it difficult for tropical storms to strengthen.

NOAA's updated hurricane season forecast released in August called for 12-17 named storms, so there could be only a few left. NOAA predicted five to eight hurricanes.

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