No white Christmas this year: Early forecasts calling for 60s

Baltimore could hit the 60s on Christmas Day for the second consecutive year.

Temperatures should drop back to normal around Baltimore by this weekend. But early forecasts suggest they will come bouncing back into the 60s for Christmas.

The Weather Channel predicts three consecutive days in the lower 60s starting Dec. 23. is calling for even warmer conditions, with highs of 66 degrees and 68 degrees on Dec. 25 and 26, respectively.

The National Weather Service doesn't provide detailed forecasts until about a week out. But the Climate Prediction Center in College Park calls for greater than 70 percent chances of warmer-than-normal temperatures across the entire eastern half of the country.

Even the western half of the country, much of which has seen a snowy start to meteorological winter, stands at least a 35 percent chance of a relatively mild Christmas.

Baltimore's warmest Christmas Day came in 1964, when Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport hit 72 degrees.

Last Christmas was a mild one, reaching 61 degrees at BWI. Going back the four Christmases before that, from 2013 through 2010, highs at BWI were as follows: 32, 48, 48, 34.

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