Cloudy skies with chance of rain, highs in upper 60s forecast Monday

Clouds bringing a slim chance of some light rain are forecast Monday in the Baltimore area, with highs in the upper 60s, according to the National Weather Service.

Lows were expected in the lower 50s early Monday morning. Patchy fog is possible in the morning hours.
A 20-30 percent chance of rain is expected throughout the day. Only a few hundredths of an inch, at most, are expected.
If more rain develops and clouds thicken, temperatures could be kept chillier than expected across the region, however, weather service forecasters noted.
A slow-moving system of low pressure coming from the Tennessee Valley is bringing warm, moist air to the region. Unsettled weather is expected to dominate for much of the week, with low temperatures remaining in the 50s for much of the region.
Rain is more likely Tuesday and Wednesday, with as much as an 80 percent chance of showers and highs in the lower 70s. More than half an inch of rain is possible Tuesday, according to the weather service.
Rain chances carry over into Thursday and Friday, with highs in the 70s.