Baltimore's streak without a White Christmas forecast to hit 14 years

Baltimore's streak without a "White Christmas" is all but certain to reach 14 years on Sunday.

Baltimore’s streak of snowless Christmases is all but certain to extend to 14 years on Sunday.

The region's last "White Christmas" came in 2002 when rain turned to snow that accumulated about an inch.

Snow has fallen on Christmas Day only a dozen times in Baltimore since 1872, according to the National Weather Service. That gives the region about a 12 percent chance of a White Christmas in any given year.

It's slightly more common for there to be snow on the ground for the holiday. In 2009, it didn’t snow on Christmas, but 6 inches was on the ground melting away a week after record-setting December storm.

Dry weather and seasonable if slightly warmer than normal temperatures in the 30s and 40s, approaching 50 degrees, are forecast Sunday.

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