Watch the Disney Springs water tower be put in place

Disney Imagineering explains what makes the Disney Springs water tower the icon of the property

Located in the Town Center section of Disney Springs, a water tower is now the focal marquee of the re-imagined Downtown Disney. 

The water tower, which Disney describes as the icon of the entertainment complex, was built off property and was assembled in early February. 

"It traveled down the highway about an hour away and traveled in about four sections," said project coordinator Thomas Niederhiser of Walt Disney World Imagineering. "We brought it here in the middle of the night with a police escort, so it's definitely really great to see it being constructed in its final home." 

Like many other aspects of Disney Springs, the water tower has a vintage look, adding to the storyline of a turn of the century Florida town built around a natural spring. 

"It tells the story that this is an old town and its juxtaposition to our little newer Town Center gives it that feeling of storyline in time," said associate production designer Briana Ricci. 

The tower combines old and new elements, with a bright white "Disney Springs" marquee overlapping a ghost graphic that reads "Come and visit the Springs."

"The ghost graphic is not going to be identified by guests right away," said associate project manager Ivan Chan. "It pretty much says that this is something that was reused." 

The Town Center section of Disney Springs will feature more than two dozen stores, including Vera Bradley, Lucky Brand and Kate Spade New York. The new stores will open in phases, starting May 15. 

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