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Weekend in O.C. goes smoothly during College Takeover event

Despite widespread community concern, there was no takeover of Ocean City on Saturday or Sunday.

The College Takeover Beach Week event that was promoted through social media did not cause much of a disturbance in the shore town, according to Ocean City officials, who reported a relatively tranquil but busy weekend of sports, activities and more.

"There was a very young crowd on the Boardwalk, which is not unique to this time of year," said Jessic Waters, spokeswoman for the Town of Ocean City. "Specifically regarding the 'college takeover,' the attendance was exactly what we expected and thankfully we saw little to no incidents."

Ocean City did beef up security over the weekend with a "highly visible police presence," however, "the incidents we did see over the weekend are very similar to what we historically see in June," Waters said.

Police officials said they typically see a rise in citations for disorderly conduct in June, but there was no increase in those types of issues as the result of the College Takeover event.

"They came here with good intentions as we had hoped for and enjoyed everything that OC has to offer," said Lindsay O'Neal, OCPD spokeswoman. "And they did it in a courteous and respectful way."




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