Travel offering reserved seats for some routes, including Baltimore

If you have a penchant for window views or a need to snuggle up to your travel buddy, now lets you call dibs on seats.

The popular bus service, known for its $1 fares, announced today that it is starting a reserved-seating program.


Customers traveling on a double-decker bus from New York, Baltimore, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia can reserve one of 10 bus seats for an extra fee in addition to the typical $1 fare. Depending on seat location, route and time of day, the fee to reserve ranges from $3 to $7.

Tickets can be purchased beginning today at, but the service will begin May 28.


Mike Alvich,'s vice president of marketing and public relations, said the move comes in response to what travelers have said they want. Alvich noted that some riders arrive more than an hour early to secure the "most popular seats."

"We've heard our customers' desires loud and clear," said Alvich. "While every ticket purchase on guarantees a seat on the bus, we know that customers want to secure some of the most popular seats and, starting today, we're happy to give them that opportunity."

Reserved seats will be designated with solid blue fabric embroidered with the seat number corresponding to the online reservation. The arrangement of the seats allows customers traveling together to sit together in the most desirable parts of the bus.

Of the 10 reserved seat options, four are located on the upper deck at the very front and "offer a spectacular panoramic view," said Alvich.

Two more reserved seats are on the upper deck behind the stairs and adjacent to a small table. On the lower deck, four seats close to the driver and with access to a large table are also available for reservation.

The reserved seating program is offered in certain cities on select routes and times.