Ocean City asks visitors to stop the profanity

Golly gee whillikers! Looks like we'll be minding our mouths at the beach this summer.

The Town of Ocean City will be posting signs along the boardwalk this spring asking people to refrain from using foul language. 

"We really pride ourselves on being a family resort, a first class resort for families to come to visit," said Ocean City spokeswoman Jessica Waters.

So what happens if you drop your soft ice cream and drop an F-bomb too?

"There will not be any kind of punishment for those that curse on the boardwalk," said Waters. 

The town council approved the signs at its Monday meeting, Waters said.  Councilwoman Mary Knight proposed posting the gentle reminders after spotting similar signs in Viriginia Beach.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan posted the sign's design on his Facebook page today.

The signs will hopefully, "be an encouraging reminder for citizens to be courteous of others," Meehan wrote. "Our family image is very important to us and we think people will feel that when they see these new signs."



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