Water jet packs taking off in Ocean City this summer

Dreams of flying and walking on water are becoming a reality at Relentless Watersports in Ocean City.  The brand new venue, run by a group of six friends from Carroll County, is the first in Ocean City to offer water jet-pack rides to the public.

"We saw the videos on Youtube," said Nicholas Strong, Relentless Watersports' marketing manager. "There's a lot of buzz about it. We got interested…it's very saturated down in Florida, and we [thought] we could definitely bring it to Ocean City."


So that's what he and his partners did. In 20 minutes, instructors teach customers how to get out of the water, how to walk on water and how to make s-turns using the jet pack that is carried on the back. Each 20-minute "flight" costs $199. (The company is offering a $20 discount until Aug. 1)

"We opened up five days ago, and the phone is ringing off the hook," Strong said.


Relentless Watersports has two jet packs, both from JetLev, a water jet-pack company based in Florida. Each jetpack can reach 32 mph and an altitude of 30 feet, according to the JetLev website. Anyone age 16 and older can take a flight, but minors must have parental consent, although Relentless Watersports points out that the pack has built-in stabilizers and customers are monitored the entire time.

"It was amazing, and unlike anything I've ever done," said Keelan Ails, 20, a Frederick resident and a student at West Virginia University who took a water jet pack flight.  "I don't think a smile left my face at any time."

Ails said his brother also tried out the water jet pack and that they both quickly adapted to it. "I thought it would be a really hard thing to pick up, but it came [easily], and the guys were really helpful," he said.

If a water jet pack ride is not your thing, the flight instructors at Relentless Watersports perform a sunset show at next-door neighbor Harpoon Hannah's, which includes barrel rolls, back flips, and trapeze stunts.

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