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Pregnant woman goes into labor after being arrested by Ocean City police

A pregnant woman who was seen on a video being tackled by Ocean City Police after a fight on the beach ended up having an emergency C-section, according to a police spokesman and an account her family gave to a Washington DC-area TV affiliate.

An Ocean City Police report detailed the arrest of three men during the altercation Sunday afternoon, but did not mention a pregnant woman since she has not been charged, police spokeswoman Lindsay O'Neal said.

However, police said the woman was part of a disturbance that began when a lifeguard approached a disorderly group on the beach to ask them to tone it down and one of the men in the group responded with threats.

Police called to the area of the beach near North Division Street said one of the men, identified as Abdul Kargbo, 25, of Woodbridge, Va., was yelling at officers and then attempted to walk away. When police tried to arrest Kargbo, others in his group began to "act in a threatening manner."

As the incident unfolded, police said a large crowd gathered leading officers to call for back up.

According to police, the pregnant woman assaulted one of the officers on the beach. "She assaulted at least one of our officers and she was resisting arrest," said O'Neal, who could not be specific about what the woman did to the officers.

However, family members, who used a cell phone to record the police response, told local ABC affiliate WJLA that the group was not disorderly and believed that they were being profiled by the lifeguard. The video shows the confrontation with police, including an officer straddling the face-down pregnant woman in the sand and attempting to handcuff her.

While in police custody, the woman began having labor pains and was released to Peninsula Regional Medical Center before any charges could be made.

O'Neal said the woman, who police would not identify, underwent an emergency C-section and has since been released from the hospital. She said police plan to charge the woman with assault and other misdemeanors, but until those formal charges are brought they will not release her name.

Also arrested in the Sunday melee was Musa Seisay, 24, of Garrisonville, and Saidu Kargbo, of Woodbridge, Va. All three men were charged with assaulting officers and resisting arrest and were later released on their own recognizance.

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