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Video shows shark off the coast of Ocean City

Ocean City has sharks.

That's hardly news. I mean, it has water, right? So it makes sense there would be some sharks - maybe not a great white, although there have been reports by OCEARCH of a great white named 'Mary Lee' that was tracked off the coast of Maryland earlier this year.

And the town has an annual Shark Tournament, where fishermen reel them in by the pound. There's also the restaurant Shark on the Harbor, and of course, that fake shark wedged into Ripley's Museum.

But getting up close and personal with the animals is something most of us visiting the resort town's beaches want to avoid.

However, this video - spotted by HyperVocal - offers a glimpse of what that might be like (if we had a GoPro camera and a ring of tasty fish around our necks). It shows a mako shark off the coast of Ocean City, according to the YouTube user who posted it this week. In the video, the shark is attacking bait on a PelagicView dredge.

Mako sharks are somewhat common off the coast of Maryland - one weighing a record 876 pounds was caught in 2009. Another boat hauled in a record 267-pound hammerhead shark in 2012.

The creator of the video has cleverly offered up some familiar music - the kind that makes us wonder if it's safe to go to the beach. It is. Officials say there has never been a shark attack in the waters off Ocean City.

Don't you feel better now?


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