'Hotel Impossible' filming in Ocean City

With almost 10,000 rooms for the taking, finding a hotel in Ocean City is a breeze. So why would Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible" be filming an episode there this week?

Turns out the Lankford Hotel at 8th Street and the boardwalk is getting a bit of a makeover.

The fourth-generation owners of the nearly 100-year-old hotel are hosting a visit from the show's host, Anthony Melchiorri, who will be offering advice and making about $10,000 in improvements to the hotel.

"Hotel Impossible" typically features lodgings that are in trouble or on the verge of closing. Melchiorri brings along interior designers to transform rooms and also meets with staff to look at operational issues.

So what's going on at the Lankford? Nobody knows - but you can read more about it here at delmarvaNow.com. A spokeswoman for the Travel Channel said the show keeps everything under wraps until the episode airs on TV. The third season of "Hotel Impossible" premieres Aug. 12 on the Travel Channel.


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