TV reporter gets taste of Hurricane Irene on OC beach

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Sea Foam:


Hurricane Irene was something of a near-miss for Ocean City. Yes the town got hit with some high winds and lots of rain, but for the most part it didn't get the pummeling officials expected.

This local news reporter from Washington didn't quite get what he expected either.

Several websites have posted about WTTG-TV'sTucker Barnes who reoorted on the storm from Ocean City over the weekend, covered in some foamy substance that he described as being "organic."

Well, it turns out, according to reports, that stuff may be more organic that he realized. Several websites are reporting that it may have been, in fact, raw sewage mixed with bacteria and other pollution.


But I asked the officials at the Town of Ocean City if they had seen the video and had any response. Here's what Donna Abbott, communications manager for the city, had to say in an email:

"It is, in fact, sea foam, a natural occurrence with sand, wind and waves. There was never any raw sewage, there were never any spills and anyone claiming to be an expert apparently has never been to a beach. Our wastewater treatment plant was taken offline at around 6 p.m. Saturday night as a precaution against any flooding. It was put back into service on Sunday morning after the storm had passed."

Hmm. The facts are not nearly as much fun!


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