Final day of fishing at the White Marlin Open in OC

The scales have just opened for the last day of weigh-ins at the 38th annual White Marlin Open in Ocean City. (You can watch the Marlin Cam here.)

It looks like Wee Wun IV's white marlin tipped the scales this afternoon at more than 88 pounds, bumping off Tighten Up, of Ocean City, who had held the lead since Tuesday for a prize estimated at more than $800,000. (John Schmitz, of Westminster, aboard Sea Note, was also in the running, with a catch that weighed 79.5 pounds.)

As of yesterday, John Schindler, of Severna Park and the Restless Lady, had the largest catch for blue marlin, weighing in at nearly 700 pounds, but still a lot smaller than last year's record haul that topped 1,000 pounds.

But it ain't over till it's over. And that's tonight. Weigh-in continue at Harbour Island Marina until 9:15 p.m. If you're in Ocean City, it's an exciting way to spend a Friday evening and with more than 213 boats fishing today, it should be a busy night.


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