No sex on the beach and no 'Sex on the Beach'

As we approach another hot summer weekend where many Marylanders will be scrambling for the ocean waters to get a bit of relief, here's a sober reminder: Alcoholic beverages are illegal on the beach in Ocean City.

I'm bringing this notice to you courtesy of the OC Beach Patrol, the folks charged with keeping hundreds of thousands of beachgoers safe from harm.

Ocean City ordinances prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages on any "street, avenue, alleyway, sidewalk, beach, parking lot and vehicle in any of these areas." (Grilling is also a no-no, as is sleeping on the beach after 10 p.m.)

An exception to the open container rule are a couple hotels that offer bars and restaurants on the beach on their property.

Now, if you think about it - and clearly I wasn't really thinking about it when I implied in a recent post that 'Sex on the Beach' in a cocktail glass was OK; it's not - what happens when you combine alcohol, high temperatures and open water? Nothing good. Alcohol dehydrates you and can cloud your thinking.

So if you need a drink or a cocktail, check out happy hour at a local bar - there are plenty of deals to be had. For example, the newly opened Bombora Restaurant has WineDown Thursdays, with 50 percent off any bottle of wine on the menu. They also have a daily happy hour with $3 wine/beer/cocktails and $2 Bud Lights.

So drink a toast to summer - but not on the beach.





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