10 useful apps for your beach trip

Here are 10 mobile apps that will help you prepare for some safe and eventful fun in the sun:

Windy: Made by kitesurfers, this weather forecast app offers animated wind maps and charts, and data from more than 30,000 weather stations worldwide.

Surfline: Check surf reports, surf cam footage, storm alerts and information on water temperatures to prep for the best surf session.

Tide Charts Near Me: High tide or low tide? Choose the best time to swim according to this app’s worldwide tidal estimates, lunar data and weather forecasts.

Swim Guide: Only swim at the best beaches with this app, which offers water quality alerts, descriptions, photos and directions for 7,000 beaches around the world.

American Red Cross’ First Aid: Put safety first with heat wave safety tips; expert advice on how to treat first aid emergencies, stings and bites; step-by-step instruction and videos;and a hospital locator.

Global Shark Tracker: Hoping for a Jaws sighting? In support of shark conservation, Ocearch’s app tracks sharks tagged with satellite tracking technology in real time.

The Jellyfish App: Whether out of curiosity or caution, this app is designed to help beach-goers identify a variety of jellyfish, with an encyclopedia, a “jellyfish near me” function and a wealth of information on species, including sting treatment.

PackPoint: Never leave home without the essentials with this smart packing app, which customizes what to pack according to your travels, weather and activities.

QSun: Avoid skin damage with this app, which analyzes skin health, provides a daily UV Index forecast, and assists in finding the best sunscreen and the correct amount for different skin types. Upgrades are available with paid versions of the app.

Roadtrippers: Plan out your road trip and beach stay with an interactive map filled with camping sites and accommodations, eateries, attractions or “things to do,” either en route or nearby your destination.





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