The kids of 'Ping Pong Summer' [Pictures]

Michael Tully's "Ping Pong Summer," a love letter to the Ocean City where he spent his summers back in the '80s, may have a cast that includes such Hollywood stalwarts as Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, John Hannah and Amy Sedaris (the film, which screened at the Maryland Film Festival, returns to area theaters this weekend). But the real stars are a bunch of largely unknown local actors, none of whom were older than 20 when they made the film two summers ago. We asked the young stars their thoughts on making the film, on working with such experienced actors and on time-traveling back to the '80s. And then we asked Tully, who grew up in Mount Airy and very much lived the story he wrote for the screen, what he saw in each of them. -- Chris Kaltenbach
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