Is that Rob or Rod on Shark Week promo?

They're both dressed like lifeguards. They both have that sexy hair flip down to a gel science. And they're both actors, although one may be a tad more famous than the other.

Still, it was "sharking" to us to notice the resemblance between Rodney, the OC lifeguard, and  Rob Lowe in those awesome Shark Week promotional ads.

Admittedly, Lowe gets the edge here simply because he seems super fierce and so suave at the same time. While Rodney is more laid back and - more blond.

But let's not count out our Ocean City mascot from upping his game. A tiger shark was spotted in the inlet over the weekend, so there's a small window of opportunity for him to show us what he's got before Shark Week gets underway Aug. 10 on Discovery Channel.

Meanwhile, we keep wondering if it's possible to have a sharkel-ganger?

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