Coca-Cola to be 'official soft drink of Ocean City'

The Baltimore Sun

Ocean City is sending Pepsi packing.

Come spring, Coca-Cola will be the official soft drink of the Maryland resort town. Officials entered into a five-year exclusive agreement with the beverage company, guaranteeing that only Coke products will be served at town-owned properties and town-operated events.

Obviously, you can still purchase Pepsi in Ocean City, but you won't be able to get it at some of the city's signature events, like SunFest. 

As part of the contract, which takes effect April 2, Ocean City receives a $65,000 cash payment, commission on product sales, advertising and marketing support and, of course, free soft drinks. The contract also designates Coca-Cola as the "official soft drink of Ocean City."

Officials said the contract has an estimated annual value of $286,172.

Ocean City's current agreement with Pepsi was due to expire and the town sought proposals for a new contract from beverage companies, including Pepsi. Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola submitted proposals, officials said, but Coke came out on top.

I guess there's nothing like the real thing, baby: cash.

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