Philly: "X-tink-shun" exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo

Featuring puppets by the Jim Henson Company, "X-tink-shun" has characters of endangered or extinct species stationed throughout the zoo, educating visitors about the plight of their particular species and encouraging the passers-by to make their voices heard. So while you shouldn't expect to see Miss Piggy throwing herself at Kermit or Statler and Waldorf guffawing on a balcony somewhere, you should expect characters like Didi the Dodo and Leo the Golden Lion Tamarin. And, more importantl you should expect to walk away with the feeling that you can change the world. The exhibit runs through Oct. 31. If you'd rather skip the exhibit in favor of something more, say, adult-friendly, check out the Summer Ale Festival, which runs 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. July 23 at the zoo. Tickets for the festival are $30-$90. The zoo is at 3400 West Girard Ave. in Philadelphia, Pa. For more details, call 215-243-1100 or go to
Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo, Baltimore Sun
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