Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City, Md.

Distance from Baltimore: 130 miles, about a three-hour drive Why it's worth the gas: Truly, the pleasures of Ocean City's vast boardwalk are too numerous to list. For teens, it's a great place to find a t-shirt or a henna tattoo. Young adults will find enough bars and clubs to satisfy any thirst, while the older crowd can enjoy memories of the many O.C. trips they’ve taken themselves over the years. From the ocean breezes to the salt water taffy, from the amusement park rides at the southern tip to the more open expanses as you head north, the Boardwalk is a place to stroll, eat, soak in some serious sun and people watch to your heart's content. Don't miss: Ocean Gallery, at 2nd Street, pretty-much defies description. Built using parts from 68 different buildings, it's a folk-art masterpiece in its own right. Every square inch, inside and out, is covered with art – some fine, some pop, some indescribable. It's like someone took an art gallery, shook it up and dropped the pieces on the Boardwalk. A fine mess -- and we mean that in only the most positive sense. Information: The boardwalk runs along the oceanfront from the Inlet north to 27th Street. Call 800-626-2326 or go to www.ocboards.com or www.ococean.com.
Barbara Haddock Taylor, Baltimore Sun
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