Ellen B. Cutler

To celebrate a very special birthday for my husband, we took cruised gardens of the Caribbean aboard the Sea Cloud, a four-masted barque that began life as the Hussar V in 1931. She was built by E.F. Hutton and his then-wife Marjorie Merriweather Post Hutton and outfitted with unimaginable elegance. I can imagine it thoughóbecause my great-aunt sailed with them in 1934 as French tutor to their daughter Nedenia (now the actress Dina Merrill). I have my auntís letters and photographsóand vivid memories of her stories. We would not have taken the trip were it on an ordinary cruise ship or even on the sister-ship, Sea Cloud II. We saw magnificent gardens and enjoyed unconscionable luxury. Nothing, however, matched the experience of watching the crew set the sails and feeling the sensation of flight that is a boat like this when it is carried by the wind.
Ellen B. Cutler, Baltimore Sun
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