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  • How to prepare for your next road trip

    Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. Almost 100 million Americans will go on a family vacation sometime this year, and nearly half of them will choose to make it a road trip, according to AAA. If your family is one of them, you’ll want to be sure to make adequate preparations...

  • Tires keep America rolling

    Tires keep America rolling

    Off to work. Heading to the gym. Going to see the latest superhero movie … again. Taking the kids to soccer practice. Road trip! Wherever you’re driving to, the last things on your mind when you jump into your car are the tires. Makes sense: To most, tires are nondescript, black and round, no big...

  • Tire blowout 101: What to do when your tire fails on the road

    Tire blowout 101: What to do when your tire fails on the road

    As seasons change and temperatures rise, so do the number of tire blowouts around the country. The truth is a blowout can happen anywhere and at any time. Tire failures put drivers in an unexpected, frightening and dangerous situation. And, while it’s an experience no motorist wishes to endure,...