James Allen

Game 15: Bears feed on Ravens' '98 scraps

A lot of the Ravens tap-danced around the issue because it's the ultimate insult to a professional athlete, but the Q-word was close to leaking out of a lot of players' mouths.The Chicago Bears (4-11) routed the Ravens, 24-3, yesterday before 40,853 at Soldier Field, but the 26,091 fans who didn't show up for Beanie Babies Day weren't the only no-shows. The Ravens' defense didn't report in the first half, when Chicago scored 24 unanswered points, and the two Pro Bowl players on defense didn't make a difference as James Allen looked like Walter Payton in rushing for 163 yards in his first start.

The Ravens (5-10) let another scrub quarterback beat them. Steve Stenstrom started his...