Igor Olshansky

Ranking the four elite AFC teams by position


QUARTERBACK 1. Tom Brady, New England 2. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis 3. Steve McNair, Ravens 4. Philip Rivers, San Diego

Ask any Ravens defensive player and he'll say Brady is the best in the league. When Manning wins two more rings, then there will be an argument. RUNNING BACK 1. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego 2. Joseph Addai, Indianapolis 3. Laurence Maroney, New England 4. Willis McGahee, Ravens

Tomlinson scored 31 touchdowns last season, 10 more than Addai, Maroney and McGahee combined.

FULLBACK 1. Lorenzo Neal, San Diego 2. Justin Green, Ravens 3. Heath Evans, New England 4. Luke Lawton, Indianapolis

Neal has made a career blocking for...