Chris Kaman

Looking unbeatable

BEIJING - Auf Wiedersehen.

So much for the preliminaries, not to mention Chris Kaman's Excellent Adventure.

Closing out pool play undefeated, untied and unchallenged, the U.S. men's basketball team routed Germany, 106-57, last night, advancing to the medal round and ending the Germans' Olympics. Michael Phelps and about 20 members of the U.S. swim team cheered on Team USA.

Invited to the dressing room afterward, Phelps gave the players a pair of goggles. Dwight Howard wore them to the interview room.

"I told him [Phelps] I was going to do the 100-meter medley next year," Howard said.

The irrepressible Kaman, the Los Angeles Clippers' gift to...