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Same-Sex Marriage

Jeb Bush inauguration invitation a 'blunder' by Larry Hogan

Jeb Bush inauguration invitation a 'blunder' by Larry Hogan

Gov. Larry Hogan made an inauguration blunder by inviting the divisive former Florida governor Jeb Bush to deliver a speech in front of many Marylanders who will likely detest Mr. Bush’s politics. While Mr. Bush was governor — from Jan. 5, 1999 to Jan. 2007 — he pushed priorities that aligned with the more conservative wing of the Catholic Church and used scorched-earth tactics to achieve them. He was able to escape political punishment for his controversial decisions because Republicans controlled the Florida legislature and many of its members shared Mr. Bush’s views. Luckily, Maryland’s politics prevent Mr. Hogan from being Mr. Bush.

Jeb Bush ignored a family’s private and...