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'Mad Men' Season 6 finale recap, 'In Care of'

'Mad Men' Season 6 finale recap, 'In Care of'

Don has taken the elevator ride straight to Hell.

“Excuse me,” Don yells behind jail bars. “I shouldn’t be in here.”

Yes, he should. And not just for punching a minister, even if that hatemonger deserved it. (MLK, RFK and the Vietnam soldiers aren’t “true believers”? Cue Sally’s eye roll.)

For the past few seasons, we’ve put up with Don’s philandering, deception and debauchery. He’s struggled to find inner-peace yet we stood by him.

This season, however, Don sunk to new lows. His fate wasn’t surprising, considering the first episode began with Don reading Dante’s "Inferno." Slowly he slipped farther and farther into Hell, each transgression worse than the...