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San Ysidro

Camelot in California

MONTECITO, Calif. -- It's neither the biggest cottage nor the only one with an ocean view. But it commands at least $1,000 more a night than other lodgings at historic San Ysidro Ranch in the Montecito hills.

That's because Jackie and John F. Kennedy slept in it during their extended 1953 honeymoon, which, biographers say, took them first to Acapulco, Mexico, and later up the California coast.

The future first couple probably paid $27 a night, the going rate then. But today you'll pay more than 100 times that - $2,990 a night - to sleep in the 1,621-square-foot Kennedy Cottage, which reopened in March after a yearlong restoration.

Gone is the plain wood deck in the rear,...