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Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama

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Sasha Obama is the youngest daughter of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. She joins a long legacy of children living in the White House, including most recently the Bush twins Jenna and Barbara. Sasha, who was born August 10, 2001, is the youngest resident of the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. arrived as an infant in 1961. Sasha and older sister Malia currently attend the private Sidwell Friends Academy in Washington, D.C.

Photos of Sasha Obama from the inauguration created a deal of interest in her dress, which was designed by J. Crew.

The Obama girls' quest for a puppy to join them in the White House as the "first pet" has gained a lot of attention. President Obama has said the dog must be hypoallergenic because Malia is allergic.

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