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Ready for its closeup: Laurel in movies, TV

Ready for its closeup: Laurel in movies, TV

It’s surprising how many times over the years the Laurel area has played a role—or at least been mentioned—in movies and television. In this part 1, three areas are presented: movies and TV shows that mention Laurel, films and shows that were filmed here, and the only time Laurel hosted the world premiere of a movie.

In the 1957 film “The Deadly Mantis,” a scene takes place in Laurel. The plot of this horror movie is that a prehistoric praying mantis the size of Godzilla is freed from Artic ice. It heads south to warmer weather and, naturally, the Washington, D.C. monuments, eating people along the way. It’s the kind of movie that if you ask questions about the absurdity of...