Stephanie Izard

'Top Chef Seattle' recap, 'Foiled Again'

'Top Chef Seattle' recap, 'Foiled Again'

As we join the chefs post-Eliza, there's a quiet reflectiveness in the stew room.

The cheftestants all agree she had a "great personality" and was "sweet and funny." Josh is swearing off pork, claiming he "doesn't have any underwear left" after two failed porcine dishes.

Danyele recounts Tom's advice to her to not be so nervous, and she nervously announces her determination to do so. Danyele is growing on me. I want to see her get a win.

The next morning, Padma is joined by Season 4 Winner Stephanie Izard. She is the only woman to win Top Chef. "So far." she adds. Ya hear that, ladies?

For this week's quickfire, the chefs can...