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'Wreckage' of 9/11 goes on, friend to victim says

'Wreckage' of 9/11 goes on, friend to victim says

Bel Air resident Bob Mumby hit the play button on a cassette tape player. Amid reports of an explosion at the North Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, the voice of his late best friend Port Authority Police Department Officer Thomas Gorman came through.

“Truck 1, you’ve got to roll to the Trade Center on an explosion, no other information ... I’m getting no answer at the Trade Center, copy?” Gorman, who was assigned as a dispatcher that day, said.

Gorman’s voice cut in again as the calls pour in, saying, “Units, you’re stepping on each other.”

Gorman then got an order to call “all available units” to the garage in order to head to the World Trade...