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Zachary Quinto

Wedded: Ara Adewole and Yemi Ajayi

Wedded: Ara Adewole and Yemi Ajayi

Date: Nov. 1

Her story: Ara Adewole, 29, came to Catonsville from Nigeria when she was 14. She works as a registered nurse at Mercy Medical Center. Her parents, Fibi and Olu Adewole, live in Catonsville.

His story: Yemi Ajayi, a 31-year-old doctoral student in biochemical engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is also from Nigeria. He moved to Maryland when he was 19. His parents, Grace and David Ajayi, still live in Nigeria.

Their story: Ara and Yemi grew up in neighboring villages in Nigeria. But she has no memory of meeting him at a party while they were both were students...